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Dan Pfluger, 5 hours ago

What a great vision! Entering the Coronado and seeing all those Boys and Girl Scouts greeting us was thrilling. It’s encouraging to see that such young leaders are willing to participate.

City of Rockford Joins

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Transform Rockford Sees Success With Phone Banks

ROCKFORD, IL–Organizers say they were blown away by the volume of voices sharing their vision for the city’s future.

The phone banks were a huge success and Transform Rockford heard from many members of the community.

“The phones were literally ringing off the wall for two hours, there was no break,” said Chuck Konkol, the communication liaison for Transform Rockford.

An estimated 250 calls came in for the phone bank event—which means state liners definitely made their voices heard.

Three specific areas were on the community’s mind—safety, education, and jobs.

Their main concern was how to implement changes and when.

“That’s in the days to come, to figure out as a community how we’re going to do it,” said Konkol.


Source: WTVO

TransformRockford Phone Bank a Success

Multiple volunteers showed up at three local TV Stations to get feedback and answer questions from the community. The volunteers asked the callers to give feedback on the draft vision and impact statements. In addition, callers asked questions and gave feedback concerning TransformRockford. Thanks to WIFR, WTVO and WREX reporters for letting us borrow the reporters desks from 5-7pm!

WIFR Reporters interview volunteers and community member:

There were no more than 3 seconds between calls

[click below image to play video]

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 6.31.07 AM

Ruth Kearney, one of over hundred callers to WIFR phone bank, challenges the Rockford region with ” …get involved and make the difference.”

[click below image to play video]

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 6.33.37 AM


Callers flood phone lines for first Transform Rockford phone bank

Read article on WREX

WTVO Article on Phone Bank Event click here

Call 1

TransformRockford Volunteers



Call into the Phone Bank – TONIGHT! (Wednesday July 16th)


POLL: Are you planning on calling into the phone bank? YES OR NO, Let Us Know! Click Here

Information from local TV Stations:

Helpful Documents & Links




Take Survey: Vision and Impact Statements

Transform Rockford is a regional long-term planning effort to dramatically improve the social and economic conditions of the Rockford region. 

The Transform Rockford Vision Statement and Impact Statements have been drafted. Please provide your feedback by answering the following questions.

Click HERE to take survey