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Crime, poverty rate drags Rockford down on list

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Crime, poverty rate drags Rockford down on list

Rockford was ranked as the 16th “Worst American City to Live In,” by the website,, which has targeted Rockford before on negative lists.

The website’s researchers dinged Rockford for economic woes – an 8.3 percent unemployment rate and 22.4 percent poverty rate – and for crime. It pegged Rockford’s annual crime rate at 1,585 incidents for every 100,000 residents, which was among the 10 worst out of 551 cities considered.

The ranking was interesting considering there were several cities listed that are among the fastest growing or can be found on lists of best places to live. For example, Miami Beach was ranked No. 17 and Chattanooga, Tennessee was No. 30.

What were the 15 cities ranked below Rockford?

No. 15, Jackson, Mississippi
No. 14, Baltimore, Maryland
No. 13, Stockton, California
No. 12, Springfield, Missouri
No. 11, San Bernardino, California
No. 10, Wilmington, Delaware
No. 9, Merced, California
No. 8, Hartford, Connecticut
No. 7, Albany, Georgia
No. 6, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
No. 5, Memphis, Tennessee
No. 4, St. Louis, Missouri
No. 3, Flint, Michigan
No. 2, Birmingham, Alabama
No. 1, Detroit, Michigan

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