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Key Drivers




Shared Values

Developed by the community, our shared values guide our thoughts, decisions and actions. They define how we treat each other as individuals and organizations. They guide us as our community determines where we want to be in shaping our future and the way we interact with each other. Shared values help us stay focused and on course for transformation.

Broad Engagement

Through broad and inclusive engagement our residents can be involved in the transformation of our region. The broad engagement of community members helps make the work of the transformation great. Our residents come together and work to shape the future of our community. They help navigate the process ensuring that everyone has a voice.

Shared Vision

Our community’s shared vision unites us around a common goal by which we can all strive together to move our community forward. It was developed by our diverse residents and defines our desired future.

Best Practices

Our community is committed to the pursuit and implementation of best practices –  the ideas that have been identified through research and discovery as the most effective way to accomplish a goal.