By applying strategic planning processes used successfully in businesses, our community will develop our vision – together – for the future as well as strategies and detailed plans to achieve that vision. Every individual, through a public process, will be asked to provide insight, input and commitment to this transformational endeavor. Then, using the vision as a guide, an aggressive implementation plan will bring our collective vision to reality.

The Process Team’s mission is to facilitate and train participants in an agreed upon Process to enable the Transformation of the Rockford Region.

  • Bring a formal and proven process to the vision and strategy development efforts
  • Facilitate or assist other facilitators for a variety of vision, strategy and planning sessions
  • Select visioning and strategy Mapping Tool
  • Develop and train on a Plan, Do, Check & Act (PDCA) process
  • Establish process metrics
  • Provide “Train the trainer” services on facilitation
  • Provide a brainstorming methodology to ensure inclusion and consistent processes