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RAAP (Reporting Area Activities Project)

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Name of Project

RAAP (Reporting Area Activities Project)

Spoke/Strategy aligned with

arts & recreation

An integrated marketing plan publicizes and promotes the region’s arts & recreation events, opportunities and assets to local, state, national, and global audience.

Brief description of project

Local high schools would have teams of students who travel to other local high schools and community venues to watch and then write reviews on fine arts, performing arts, and sporting events. All of the reviews would then be posted online for the community to read on a weekly basis. The top reviews each week would be selected to go into local newspapers. Not only would this project bring much desired attention to the many events all over town but it encourages our youth to get involved in our growing community and its happenings of all sorts. Also, this program would give aspiring journalist an outlet to do their thing. The program would be open to all high school students, including but not limited to those interested in fine arts, performing arts, sports, and journalism. Bringing together students interested in all types of different activities would be a great benefit of this program.

Who could be involved?

Local high school students, collegiate theater groups, community theater groups, professional theater groups, collegiate art galleries, local community and professional art galleries, local dance companies, collegiate sports teams, local professional and semi professional sports teams, local newspapers and many more!

Potential dependencies or conflicts?

All parties would have to be willing to participate.

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