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The region has a skilled and sought-after workforce – enabling all families to improve their standard of living. Our people are employed and per capita income is above the national average.

As a hub of ideas and innovation, we nurture, grow and attract world-class industries and employers. We are recognized for leadership in advanced manufacturing, logistics and agribusiness.





  • Unified Workforce Development Network: The region’s educators, trainers and employers operate as a single, effective network to connect and prepare residents for employment opportunities

  • Innovation: Public and private collaboration fosters a world class business development ecosystem to launch innovation and entrepreneurship

  • World-Class Industry Clusters: Leading industries leverage regional assets, create high performing supply chains, and command national recognition

  • Stimulating Income and Job Growth: Employers and civic entities stimulate career growth with jobs throughout the region

  • Business Attraction and Retention: Economic development partners collaborate regionally for business retention, expansion and attraction


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