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Transformation is Happening: Signs that Rockford is on the move

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Transformation is Happening: Signs that Rockford is on the move

Next time you find yourself in a group of people complaining about Rockford — and especially if they’re lamenting a perceived lack of engagement in civic life by those who live here — stop the conversation right there.

You need to tell them they’ve got Rockford wrong. To clinch the argument, just point to Rockford Sharefest, which is nothing so much as a festival of community building, collaboration and, yes, engaged citizenship.

The 2017 version of Sharefest wrapped up last weekend after nine days spent working to get Levings Lake Park back in shape. All told, volunteers worked nearly 3,000 four-hour shifts, making environmental improvements and playground updates, adding an amphitheater and expanding the popular West Rock Wake Park.

Sharefest has been doing this kind of work for 11 years now, making physical improvements to schools and parks and the downtown streetscape. The idea is to tackle high-impact projects that require lots of volunteer heads, hearts and hands.

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Tom Jones

June 15, 2017at 9:32 pm

If this were a lean project we would Pareto the problems and focus on those parametrics most affect both our self image and our real image from ourltsiders. And while image is not everything there are social metrics that have very real impact on our quality of life here. I want to be positive AND realistic. We must address the physical, emotional and economic violence perpetuated on our west, central and southern metropolitan areas or we will forever stagnate. Sharefest is great but it is still a bandage.