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Your Ideas

Between August and October 2016, spoke teams and the broader community generated project ideas that will lead to achieving the impact and strategy statements. Over 200 project ideas were submitted through Community Idea Exchanges events, as well as online. The original list of projects ideas is available on the 2016 Project Inventory.

The Process

Between July and October 2016, community members throughout the Rockford region submitted over 200 project ideas. Ideas were captured at Community Idea Exchange sites and online. To see the full list, click here

The region’s shared values, vision, impact and strategy statements guided the 14 spoke teams to refine the list of transformational projects. The project inventory contains the most current list of transformational projects. With the completion of metrics and milestones, all projects will be sequenced and updated on the Transformation Map.

View list here of those projects currently on the Transformation Map.

Identifying future Projects

The Transformation Map will be updated on an annual basis. Shared Values, Vision, Impact and Strategy statements will guide the evaluation process

TMAP Parent Strategy: Collective Impact

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(ID)/Project Name
Parent Project
Spoke Alignment
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(18) Project: Collective Impact Resources
TR Role: Advising
Collective Impact
Develop and make community collective impact resources available to community organizations
(19) Project: Collective Impact Support Organization
TR Role: Advising
Collective Impact
A team of Collective Impact consultants will be trained and available to assist organizations/individuals wishing to utilize the Collective Impact Model.