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Name of Project

Cyber Rock/Mobile Tech Lab


Spoke/Strategy aligned with

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Economy & Jobs/Stimulating Income & Job Growth

Brief description of project

Who could be involved?

Rockford Area Arts Council, Rockford Art Museum, City of Rockford, local artists and arts groups, Northern Illinois Center for Nonprofit Excellence (as a model), corporate sponsors, regional public and private schools, colleges, and universities, etc.

Potential dependencies or conflicts?

In order for an arts incubator to be established, a Cultural Plan first needs to be developed to provide critical benchmarks for the current creative economy, and identify resources for local artists. Also, RAAC - or another local organization identified by the Cultural Plan would need increased capacity in order to serve as a lead organization to create, implement, maintain, and measure the effectiveness of the incubator. In addition, policies that support local arts, entrepreneurs, and housing/gallery incentives would need to be adopted and supported by the City of Rockford or Winnebago County, where appropriate.

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