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Name of Project

Developmental Relationships Project (Search Institute)


40 Developmental Assets

Spoke/Strategy aligned with

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Families & Neighborhoods/Honor & Embrace

Brief description of project

To develop tools and resources to build the relationships between youth, parents and adults within the community.

Who could be involved?

All area public and private schools, nonprofit agencies that provide arts & recreation opportunities, amateur and children's athletic and sports clubs, local YMCAs and park districts, etc.

Potential dependencies or conflicts?

Creating a cultural plan and securing funding for this project is a critical first step as many arts, recreation, and after-school programs have already been cut from most districts. Arts & Recreation offerings must be both co-curricular and extra-curricular; requiring that 100% of K-12 schoolchildren be involved would rely on policy and student spending changes at local districts and schools. Schools may experience conflict with state and federal academic requirements.

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