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Name of Project

Leadership Academy


Leadership Academy

Spoke/Strategy aligned with

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Leadership & Youth/Engaging Our Youth

Brief description of project

A network academy designed to support students in their social and emotional development and literacy in life skills (i.e., personal finances)

Who could be involved?

City of Rockford, Winnebago County, IL Arts Council, Rockford Area Arts Council, arts advocacy groups and nonprofits, local artists, etc.

Potential dependencies or conflicts?

Creation of policies should be done in conjunction with a Cultural Plan that will identify the policies that would best support strategic priorities. Also, conflicts always arise when new legislation, tax referendums, or incentive programs are created; conflicts between agencies, between politicians, between special interest groups, and among citizens (voters) can be mitigated through creation and adoption of a Cultural Plan that outlines the specific costs and benefits of policy creation.

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