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Top 25 Community

We are a top 25 community where our people are engaged, inspired and are leading successful and fulfilling lives.

Best Region to Live

Our community is recognized as one of the very best regions in which to live. Our residents are thriving and enjoying a superior quality of life. We have transformed our community by embracing our diversity, fostering a crime-free culture, and delivering an excellent education to all our children.

Strong Economy

We have an agile, innovative and strong economy built on the renaissance of North American manufacturing, logistics, agribusiness and our adjacency to urban centers, such as Chicago. Our infrastructure is robust, our workforce is sought after, and our vibrant neighborhoods and cultural and recreational amenities draw people to locate in our region.


Strong, engaged individuals and families are the foundation of vibrant neighborhoods throughout the region. Neighborhoods are interconnected, adding to our sense of unity. Diverse forms of creative expression and recreation flourish and lead to self-fulfillment and national acclaim. Residents live healthy lifestyles and make informed choices. They have access to excellent, comprehensive services for health, wellness, and recreation. Our pre-K through 12 schools and students are the pride of our community and are nationally recognized for excellence. All education and training programs are dynamic, provide accessible paths to fulfilling careers, and are highly valued by our citizens and employers. Our community is unified. We celebrate our diversity, take pride in our individual and collective accomplishments and live our shared values. Our leaders are visionary, effective, respected, and supported. They engage our youth and actively develop next-generation leaders. From our backyards to the world stage we facilitate and implement best practices in compelling and genuine communication for and among all residents, resulting in shared community pride and a positive image and reputation for the region.
All residents in the Rockford region see the community with new eyes. They fell proud of where they live, have confidence in the future, and inspire others to conduct their lives in a way that promotes our region from within. Our local governments and not-for-profits are effective, properly supported and aligned with the community vision. Our local governments and not-for-profits are effective, properly supported and aligned with the community vision. Our transportation and communication systems are robust and accessible. They efficiently connect people to opportunities and amenities within and beyond our region. We take a purposeful, transparent, and results-oriented approach to planning for growth and renewal. All people are safe and feel safe regardless of address. The region has a skilled and sought-after workforce – enabling all families to improve their standard of living. Our people are employed and per capita income is above the national average. As a hub of ideas and innovation, we nurture, grow and attract world-class industries and employers. We are recognized for leadership in advanced manufacturing, logistics and agribusiness.