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Visit the Transformation Map & Transformational Projects

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Visit the Transformation Map & Transformational Projects

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What is the Transformation Map?

The Transformation Map (T-Map) is a visual representation of our community’s transformation process. It includes the important elements of successful strategic change: projects, milestones, metrics, timelines, results and impact.

Transformational Projects Evaluation Process

    • Project ideas were evaluated using a Project Funnel (see visual below). Volunteers utilized this process to evaluate project ideas for their transformational impact to achieve our region’s vision.
      Here’s more:
    • Each submitted project idea was evaluated against the Shared Vision, Shared Values and Impact Statements.
    • Does the project align with the direction our community established at the beginning of this transformational journey?
      If the answer was yes, then next volunteers analyzed the projects through a lens of aligning with our community’s strategies.
    • Finally, each project was then gaged on whether they would significantly move the measures and outcomes toward becoming a Top 25 community.
    • If a project met these criteria, it was placed on the strategic plan, the roadmap of transformation. If it didn’t or if a project didn’t readily and apparently meet these criteria, it will remain in our project inventory for further research and evaluation.

View the T-Map

      If you have questions on any project, please leave your feedback.