Name: Lauren Zerey

Age: 29

Occupation/profession: Manager of strategic support, SupplyCore

TR project team: Engagement Support Team

Project update: We are a newly formed team, so we are deep in the planning stages. However, you can expect to see some sort of Transform Rockford event calendar, new volunteer orientation, and our team out and about in the community.

Recent signs of progress: There seems to be a positive buzz and momentum in the air — I feel like communication, not just internal to our community, but in magazines, newspapers, articles, etc, has been very positive lately.

In 2025, I hope … we are a top 25 community with a vibrant downtown area — and that we can jump off from there to be the trend setters and thought leaders from a community building aspect.

What’s coming up? Transform Rockford hosting a pop-up event from 3-7 p.m. April 5 at Rockford Art Deli. Follow Transform Rockford’s Facebook page for more info!