For more than five years, scores of dedicated volunteers have been working to improve the living and working conditions in our region through Transform Rockford, a movement dedicated to turning Rockford into a top-25 place to live by 2025. Here’s a look at one of the people powering the movement.

Name: Zach Miller

Age: 34

Occupation: Construction Project Manager

Transform Rockford Project Team: Great Neighborhoods

Project Detail: Our project team was formed in early 2017 and we are working with the neighborhood associations and other members of the community. We’ve met with 15 associations to date with a couple scheduled in 2019. The team does Asset Mapping with the groups to identify what they love about their neighborhood, why they choose to stay, and what brought them there. We have a website and have produced a first version of our Resource Guide to help assist the residents with common questions. This year we began hosting quarterly leadership summits that allow the neighborhood associations to interact and share best practices from their community.

Favorite Thing About Rockford: The restaurants!

Recent Signs of Progress: Since Mayor McNamara was elected; the City, the Park District, and others have made an emphasis that the Neighborhoods are the foundation of our community and that is beginning to show in their actions and strategic plans. Exciting things are happening and more are in the works.

In 2025, I hope…the city is having a celebration for the success of TR’s initial goal of becoming a top 25 city.

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