Transform Rockford is pleased to announce the launch of a Community Scorecard, an evaluation tool that shows our progress towards becoming a “Top 25” community. This interactive and easy-to-read heat map tool provides community stakeholders and residents with an ability to compare the Rockford region to metro areas with a similar population (a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) between 100,000 and 500,000) and share of employment in the manufacturing sector, and to ultimately analyze data over time.

The Community Scorecard tracks progress in 90 different indicators across 12 key themes, Growth, Economy, Diversity, Wellness, Environment, Resilience, Safety, Neighborhoods, Infrastructure, Equity, Employment and Education, by using a quartile measurement ranking, first quartile – top 25% (green), second quartile – second 25% (yellow), third quartile – third 25% (orange) and fourth quartile – bottom 25% (red). To effectively evaluate change in the Rockford region, the Scorecard will use a rolling 5-year trend analysis. Additionally, the Community Scorecard uses lagging data, meaning it indicates a result after change has occurred and isn’t real-time data.

“Transform Rockford is extremely excited to officially launch our Community Scorecard that helps our region determine where we rank amongst our peers. I’m also pleased to share that our region sits in the second quartile, just one quartile away from being “Top 25,” said Transform Rockford Executive Director David Sidney. “A handful of dedicated and extremely data driven volunteers created this tool and put a lot of time and effort into updating it, and they will continue to update it and work on it throughout the years. We can’t thank them enough for their efforts as this tool will be extremely useful to our residents, stakeholders, community partners and beyond.”

To fully understand the Community Scorecard, a short video was created and an in-depth data dictionary contains definitions and methodology so that any stakeholder or resident can easily understand and use the Community Scorecard efficiently and effectively.

“This is an exciting milestone for our region, and we hope this tool helps drive alignment and engagement around our community plan,” said Transform Rockford Steering Committee Board Chair Bobbie Holzwarth. “This tool is transparent and really hones in on where we are doing well and where we can improve. Now it’s time for all of us, stakeholders and residents alike, to step up to the plate and start effecting change.”

“I appreciate the work of Transform Rockford and its volunteers for developing a unique tool that will help our city and our region determine where we rank in more than 90 areas against 101 peer communities,” said City of Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara. “As we work to become a top tier community, this tool will provide valuable insight to understand what strategies and tactics are working and where we need to focus our attention.”

Interested in learning more or have a question about the Community Scorecard? Transform Rockford is hosting a Facebook live event on Tuesday, November 12. During that time, residents can go to Transform Rockford’s Facebook page (@TransformRockford) to view a short presentation from the Transform Rockford Scorecard & Metrics team and get your questions answered from the team.

Additionally, Transform Rockford Scorecard & Metrics team is available to do one-on-one presentations with community groups and businesses who want to learn more and take a deeper dive into the tool.

To view the Community Scorecard, visit Transform Rockford’s website, and click on “Scorecard.” For more information about the Community Scorecard, contact Transform Rockford Strategy & Communications Manager Katryna Kirby at (815) 977-5840 or Visit Transform Rockford’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date on upcoming community conversation details and more information about the Community Scorecard.

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