Impact Statement

Impact Statement

The Change We Want To See

Diverse forms of creative expression and recreation flourish and lead to self-fulfillment and national acclaim.



How We Make It Happen

Access For All: Our community forms and supports pathways into arts and recreation opportunities for all of our residents

Cultural Plan: Our community creates and aligns around a Cultural Plan to drive positive social change

Diverse Offerings: Our community’s arts and recreational offerings reflect the diversity of our residents

Valued Venues: Our region’s arts and recreation venues, physical assets, and natural resources are safe, modern and utilized by residents and visitors

Integrated Marketing: An integrated marketing plan publicizes and promotes the region’s arts & recreation events, opportunities and assets to local, state, national, and global audience



Teams Working Towards This Vision

A comprehensive cultural plan that identifies and leverages our community’s cultural resources, strengthening the management of those resources, and integrating those resources across all facets of local planning and decision making.

Leading Indicators


How We Measure Success

Top 25 Top
Participation Revenue Web Traffic
Participation Top
Participation Revenue Web Traffic Full participation in arts & recreation offerings
Revenue Top
Participation Revenue Web Traffic Increased revenue from creative economy
Web Traffic Top
Participation Revenue Web Traffic Increased web traffic for arts & recreation offerings

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