Impact Statement

Impact Statement

The Change We Want To See

The region has a skilled and sought-after workforce – enabling all families to improve their standard of living. Our people are employed and per capita income is above the national average.

As a hub of ideas and innovation, we nurture, grow and attract world-class industries and employers. We are recognized for leadership in advanced manufacturing, logistics and agribusiness.



How We Make It Happen

Unified Workforce Development Network: The region’s educators, trainers and employers operate as a single, effective network to connect and prepare residents for employment opportunities

Innovation: Public and private collaboration fosters a world class business development ecosystem to launch innovation and entrepreneurship

World-Class Industry Clusters: Leading industries leverage regional assets, create high performing supply chains, and command national recognition

Stimulating Income and Job Growth: Employers and civic entities stimulate career growth with jobs throughout the region

Business Attraction and Retention: Economic development partners collaborate regionally for business retention, expansion and attraction



Teams Working Towards This Vision

An ecosystem virtual platform where creatives can see a roadmap for an entrepreneurial journey and resources available in the region for innovation and entrepreneurship. The platform will also be able to track each entrepreneur so they are mentored through the process.

Bridges brings people from all sectors and economic classes together to improve job retention rates, build resources, improve outcomes, and support those who are moving out of poverty. The results are reducing the social costs of poverty, strengthening the workforce, and building a more prosperous and sustainable community.

A network to connect the various makerspaces in our region. This network would help guide a maker to the right makerspace and avoid duplication of services at each one.

Continuously sustained SBDC office through funds provided by regional resources.

A complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives: easily identifiable resources, funding sources, encourages events, increases creative talent and encourages mentorship by existing entrepreneurs.

Develop and implement Career pathways within business sectors (Health Care, TDL, Manufacturing, Technology, other). Effort led by The Workforce Connection.

Expand apprenticeships programs in the region and include non-traditional apprenticeships.

Leading Indicators


How We Measure Success

Top 25 Top
Family Income National Recognition Start-Ups
Family Income Top
Family Income National Recognition Start-Ups Increased families above living wage and decreased unemployment
National Recognition Top
Family Income National Recognition Start-Ups Increased number of industry clusters with national recognition
Start-Ups Top
Family Income National Recognition Start-Ups Increased number of business start-ups

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