Impact Statement

Impact Statement

The Change We Want To See

Strong, engaged individuals and families are the foundation of vibrant neighborhoods throughout the region. Neighborhoods are interconnected, adding to our sense of unity.



How We Make It Happen

Resident Access: Neighborhoods have access to resources and amenities that promote a positive community environment

Physical Spaces Inspire: Our community utilizes its assets in purposeful and inspiring ways

Honor & Embrace: Our community honors and embraces diversity and the success of all people

Value the Unique: Our community promotes and celebrates the vitality and unique character of each of our neighborhoods

Collaboration: Our community cultivates partnerships that utilize the strengths of our residents and organizations



Teams Working Towards This Vision

Map all neighborhood assets and create plans for each neighborhood so that they can thrive and ensure access to amenities and resources for all. Market the neighborhood brand for internal and external communities.

Leading Indicators


How We Measure Success

Top 25 Top
Family Health Blight Reduction Resources
Family Health Top
Family Health Blight Reduction Resources Increased health outcomes at neighborhood level
Blight Reduction Top
Family Health Blight Reduction Resources Decreased vacant buildings and structures and
increased EAV of neighborhood properties
Resources Top
Family Health Blight Reduction Resources Increased neighborhood access to resources

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