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Wally Haas standing in street with crowd

Transform Rockford has been diligently working to lay the foundation to build on the community’s success since the inception of the organization in 2013.

The Transform Rockford website has been updated to provide another tool to keep you informed about what’s happening in our community.

There will be at least two new blog posts every week. There are so many good things happening in the community that some weeks there will be daily posts. We hope you make it part of your regular reading routine.

Rockford has become better in the last decade and in some ways this already is a top tier community. I’ve always thought that. I embraced my role with Transform Rockford because I wanted others to recognize how good of a community this is.

Yes, we still face some challenges. Property taxes, poverty and crime rates are too high and educational attainment is too low. There’s not enough housing available to help attract the skilled workers companies need to be competitive in a 21st century economy.

These challenges are being addressed. There are no easy fixes. If there were, there would be no problems at all.

Transform Rockford’s role is to champion the community’s vision and values. These are the vision and values that the people of Rockford adopted. Rockford can’t transform without you.

Transform Rockford will continue to raise awareness of the region’s priorities, help align resources and foster accountability toward impactful community transformation.

Rockford on the Record, a video podcast that has been hosted by the city of Rockford, will become the responsibility of Transform Rockford. The program, which will have its own drop down from the home page, will be another way for you to learn about the people, places and events that help make this city a great place to live, work and play.

We hope the information that is provided on this website will help you become a more informed, engaged and civic-minded citizen. Thank you for reading.

— Wally Haas, executive director

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