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Rockford on the Record: Stellantis

TEAMWORK KEY TO STELLANTIS SUCCESS: While the Stellantis facility is located in Belvidere, it took the work of the entire region to land the deal. The Northern Illinois Council of Governments (NorthernCOG), chaired by Mayor Tom McNamara, was critical in negotiating a deal. The NorthernCOG, a voluntary association that represents members of local governments, is responsible for advocating for enhanced state and federal investment in the region. In this case, the group worked together on a plan with Stellantis to reopen the Belvidere Assembly Plant as a parts distribution center, build a new assembly plant for a mid-sized pickup truck and build a new electric vehicle battery plant. In this episode of Rockford on the Record, Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara, Belvidere Mayor Clint Morris and Region 1 Planning Council Executive Director Michael Dunn, Jr., talk about the exciting announcement, which will benefit the entire region!

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