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Positive news about Rockford

Thank you Steve Summers for including me on his podcast “This week in the Stateline.” If you missed it, you can read a summary and listen to it here: .

I also made a brief appearance on a WIFR report that aired after the Super Bowl: “Looking on the Bright SIde of the Rockford Region.” 

Here’s a highlight: “By and large, about 70 percent of the regional residents both agree that the community is on the right track moving forward in a positive direction, and they like living here,” said Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau President John Groh  about a 2023 survey.

I like living here and always have. We have wonderful amenities. Check out the videos on the BMO and Coronado to see two of them. I hope to highlight more Rockford treasures in the weeks to come.

One that I’m particularly excited about is a tour of the new library. I get to see the progress every day and the building looks magnificent. Those who have been inside say it’s great space.

The library is scheduled to open this spring. Remember, spring doesn’t officially start until March 19 and end until June 20. I hope to post the video tour somewhere in that window.

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