Transform Rockford

Transform Rockford on the radio, plus other appearances

Thank you Steve Summers for including me in the next episode of “This Week in the Stateline.”

If you are unfamiliar with the program, “each week Steve Summers sits down and chats with those living, working, and breathing life into the Stateline. From community leaders, politicians, veterans, and more! Tune in Sunday Morning at 6am each week to find out who’s making a difference this week in the Stateline.” 

That’s from the 95.3 The Bull’s website,

The Bull is just one of the radio stations operated by Mid-West Family Broadcasting. You can go to to learn more. is the online news outlet for Mid-West and my son, Kevin, is the managing editor.

Summers asks me about Transform Rockford and its role in the community. The program is only 10 minutes long so you can listen while you’re driving or doing your household chores.

Next Rockford has invited me to talk about TR at its next meeting and the Sundstrand retirees group has asked for a TR update as well.

The next episode of Rockford on the Record, the program that appears on the city’s YouTube channel, will feature a tour of the historic Coronado Theater. The episode will be available soon and I’ll alert you when it is.

Finally, Annamarie Shutt of WIFR has compiled a report on how we can change perceptions about Rockford. It will air after the Super Bowl.

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